About us

I'm Misty Mahmood, a professional crystal healer, reiki master, and Tarot & Psychic reader. I'm deeply committed to assisting people in transforming their lives through energy healing. I provide sessions for card reading, sound healing, reiki energy healing, and crystal healing. I'm conducting workshops and providing reiki treatments here at ZEN DEN Healing Center.

I have long been interested in healing. I'm fascinated with animals and the natural world. Since I was little, Reiki has been my obsession. I provide live and virtual Reiki energy healing sessions. I have the knowledge, expertise, and ethics to help individuals on their path to recovery and self-transformation.

“Be the energy you want others to absorb.”

I've assisted thousands of people in coping with illness, accidents, sorrow, and loss. In my team, each of us has experienced the healing power of Reiki in our own lives, and we share this experience, conviction, and enthusiasm with those we treat and educate. Zen Den Healing Center can tremendously benefit you if you wish to feel calm or refreshed and want to nurture your inner power & Peace.

What we're doing at Zen Den Healing Center? 

At Zen Den, I provide Reiki healing services and workshops that help you grasp the basics of releasing your inner power and how to effectively direct your energy to improve the lives of yourself & others around you.


This platform guarantees practical exercises, clear healing applications, time for discussion and Q&A throughout the course. Reiki is a powerful energy healing approach that may significantly improve our personal lives and the lives of others. Because it provides a solid basis for the work's guiding principles, Reiki is the most crucial level of training. You don't have to be a trained healer to benefit from the class; anybody may attend.


“Reiki brings back the light that is always inside us.”