Terms & Conditions

THIS SPACE LEASE is made on Month day, year(Effective Date”) by and between Earthship Treasures and Name of lessee. 
    Earthship Treasures at 1035 N. Edge Trail, Verona WI 53593 has agreed to allow Name of lessee the opportunity to use a designated area named Zen Den and/or therapy area for the purpose of Reiki/Healing/Readings. Earthship Treasures is agreeing to allow Name of lessee to enter the building during during normal business hours for the purpose of providing metaphysical services. Earthship Treasures desires to provide a designated area/s as a convenience to their customers, and as a revenue generating service.. 
Both parties further agree to the following:
1. The length of this agreement is duration of number (1) Day/s hour/s. Date: Time Frame:
     Specific dates and hours are as follows: Date: Time Frame:
    Date: Time Frame: Date: Time Frame:
    Date: Time Frame: Date: Time Frame:    
At the end of the lease this agreement Earthship Treasures and Name of lessee will revisit this agreement with the option to renew, adjust, or discontinue leasing the designated area/s.
2. Earthship Treasures agrees to the following:
    A. Designated lease area/s will be prepared and ready for use for the lessee on the date/s and time/s requested.
    B. Do their best to provide an environment that is comfortable, with a level of privacy
    C. Should the Zen Den be used:
        1. fresh sheets will be provided and a hamper to store used sheets
        2. bottled water for the customer upon completion of treatment
    D. Should the therapy area be used:
        1. comfortable seating arrangement
        2. clear of clutter
    E. Reading areas:
        1. Table for card reading
        2. At least two chairs, one for the reader and one for the customer    
3. Name of lessee agrees to the following:
    A. There will be rent paid for the space/s being leased with one half of the amount nonrefundable and due no less than three days prior to the agreed upon lease date and time.
    B. Capture of the following Customer information which is usable by Earthship Treasures:
        Customer’s Name, Mailing address, Telephone number, Email address, 
        date , duration, type of service and amount charged
    C. Have their own method of receiving payment from the customer.
    D. Full payment for the lease on the day of using the designated area/s
            In the case of multiple days, full payment is due at the end of each day for the current day’s usage.
    F. Use only their own metaphysical tools
    G. Follow best practices regarding services such as asking permission prior to providing services.
    H. Leave used areas free of debris. 
         If Zen Den is used remove sheets at the end of session and place in hamper and disinfect table.
    I. If plans for use of the designated area/s change, Name of lessee will contact Earthship Treasues as soon as possible to inform them of the change.
    J. Will provide Earthship Treasures an EIN or Tax ID for tax purposes.
4. It is understood between Name of the lessee and Earthship Treasures that this agreement is only a lease for metaphysical services and in no way indicates any partnership or joint venture between the two parties.
        Earthship Treasures
                  1035 N. Edge Trail    
                            Verona , WI 53593
            (608) 497-0762
Earthship Treasures / X _______________________________
Name of lessee (_________________________________
                Tax ID ________                        
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