About Me

I'm Misty Mahmood, a professional crystal healer, Reiki master, and Tarot & Psychic reader. I'm deeply committed to assisting people in transforming their lives through energy healing. I provide sessions for card reading, sound healing, reiki energy healing, and crystal healing. I'm conducting workshops and providing reiki treatments here at ZEN DEN Healing Center. I have long been interested in healing. I'm fascinated with animals and the natural world. Since I was little, Reiki has been my obsession. I provide live and virtual Reiki energy healing sessions. I have the knowledge, expertise, and ethics to help individuals on their path to recovery and self-transformation.
“Be the energy you want others to absorb.”
I've assisted thousands of people in coping with illness, accidents, sorrow, and loss. In my team, each of us has experienced the healing power of Reiki in our own lives, and we share this experience, conviction, and enthusiasm with those we treat and educate. Zen Den Healing Center can tremendously benefit you if you wish to feel calm or refreshed and want to nurture your inner power & Peace.

Our story

What we're doing at Zen Den Healing Center? 

At Zen Den, I provide Reiki healing services and workshops that help you grasp the basics of releasing your inner power and how to effectively direct your energy to improve the lives of yourself & others around you. This platform guarantees practical exercises, clear healing applications, time for discussion and Q&A throughout the course. Reiki is a powerful energy healing approach that may significantly improve our personal lives and the lives of others. Because it provides a solid basis for the work's guiding principles, Reiki is the most crucial level of training. You don't have to be a trained healer to benefit from the class; anybody may attend.

 “Reiki brings back the light that is always inside us.”

Our Services

Psychic Reading

 This reading will be performed to describe what to anticipate for each month of the year's twelve months. This may occur locally or remotely. Let's book your session if you want to know what will happen to you in the future.

How Do Psychic Readings Work?

 When a person with Psychic abilities connects to your energy, they can see details about your past, present, or future. This is known as a Psychic reading. A Psychic reader cannot read your entire life; therefore, They provide you with important information gleaned from your source. Then, you may make adjustments and enhance your life with these minor things. The phrase "Cold Psychic Reading" is another one you'll hear a lot. When the Psychic had no prior knowledge of the client, the reading was said to be "cold." They learn everything by analyzing the client's energy and studying their actions and personality traits.

2 Sessions are available for Psychic Reading 

1) Psychic Reading for aFull Year 

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2) Psychic Reading

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Pendulum Reading

In our location and remote, we provide pendulum reading. Get a pendulum reading that is open-minded, friendly, honest, and conversational so that you may make decisions with ease.

How is a Pendulum Reading performed?

The imbalance and energy obstructions in the chakras can be revealed by holding the pendulum over each of the seven chakras on the body. The Crown chakra is a good place to start at the top of the head. Simply put, a pendulum is a small weighted item suspended from a thread or wire. You could or might not attach meaning to the item. It can be a bolt or nut that you discover on the sidewalk.

1 Session is available for Pendulum Reading :

1) Pendulum reading 

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Home-Business-Land Blessing or Clearing:

This service will be provided based on the location and size of the area for a blessing. For clearings, it will be looked at, and a quote will be offered on how we might be able to assist you. To help, we must first determine who, what, where, when, and why the problem occurs.

How does the Home-Business-Land Blessing or Clearing session work?

   A clearing and blessing is the spiritual cleansing and healing of a significant location in your life, such as your house, place of employment, or any other location where you spend a lot of time. Bringing harmony, clarity, tranquility, protection, and prosperity into the area is the goal of a clearing and blessing. It takes place during a ceremony in which you can take part. As many times as necessary can be used to complete cleansing and blessing. It is also appropriate for temporary venues that you may employ or hire for a reception or other social gathering.

1 session is available for this kind of Energy clearing:

1) Home-Business-Land Blessing or Clearing session ( $125/hour)

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Animal Reiki Holy Fire classes & sessions:

The practice of meditation with animals is known as Animal Reiki. A Reiki treatment for animals gently removes energy imbalances and blockages that can lead to sickness, disease, and other problems. Since Reiki helps animals into a deeply relaxed state where self-healing may start, animals adore receiving it.

What is Animal Reiki, and how does it works?

   Animal Reiki differs from Reiki for people because it uses a different frequency. The Tree of Life Animal Reiki energy is a gift from the animals and the earth. It is steady and sure and represents the balance of nature that both people and animals understand. This spiritual practice uses meditation and compassion as keys to unlock healing potential. It is a system of spiritual practice which uses meditation and compassion as keys to unlock healing potential. Animals can have energy blockages, misaligned chakras, and emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas that need to be healed, just like people do. Animal Reiki has been known to help with several things, including reviving their life force, boosting energy, increasing a sense of well-being, and relieving caregivers' anxieties that their animals have taken in.

3 Workshops are available for Animal Reiki Holy Fire:

  • Animal Reiki Holy Fire Master -Onsite          (3-day classroom - This will be an onsite classroom experience for $800)
  • Animal Reiki Holy Fire Level1-11- Remote (3-day classroom - This will be a two-day class via ZOOM for $300)
  • Animal Reiki Holy Fire Level1-11 -Onsite    (3-day classroom - this will be a two-onsite classroom for $400)


Animal Reiki Holy Fire Master -Onsite

This will be an onsite classroom experience.

3-day classroom 


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Animal Reiki Holy Fire Level1-11- Remote

This will be two-day class via ZOOM

3-day classroom 


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Animal Reiki Holy Fire Level1-11 -Onsite

This will be a two onsite classroom

3-day classroom 


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2 Sessions are available for Animal Reiki: 

  • Animal Reiki-Quick 
  • Animal Reiki- full

Animal Reiki -Full


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Animal Reiki-Quick


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Form For Animal

Animal Form

Reiki Class Holy Fire:

Holy Fire Reiki offers purification, healing, empowerment, and direction. We are offering different sessions for this.

How does the Reiki Holy fire session works?

 The activation process for a Holy Fire Reiki treatment is the same as for a regular Reiki session. However, as soon as the Holy fire is lit, you are immediately connected to its healing energy source. The client can sense that the practitioner is Psychically experiencing flames erupting from their hands. The Holy Fire Reiki is wholly and completely about spiritual love. Thus, it ignites your spirit with divine fire energy and fills it with this unadulterated love, which links you to the love that exists outside of yourself. It serves as a reminder that our spirits can hold an incredible amount of love and that when that love resonates with the love that is present outside you, you are both healed and cleaned.

4 workshops are available in our Reiki Class Holy fire:

  • Reiki Class Holy Fire Master- Remote      (This will be a three-day class that will be via ZOOM for $700)
  • Reiki Class Holy Fire Master-Onsite           (This will be a three-day onsite classroom experience for $800)
  • Reiki Class Holy Fire level 1-11- Remote ( This is a two-day classroom via ZOOM for $300)
  • Reiki Class Holy Fire Level 1-11 -Onsite   (This will be a two-day class for $400)

Reiki Class Holy Fire Master- Remote

This will be a three-day class that will be via ZOOM.


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Reiki Class Holy Fire Master-Onsite

This will be three-day onsite classroom experience


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Reiki Class Holy Fire level 1-11- Remote

This is two-day classroom via ZOOM


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Reiki Class Holy Fire Level 1-11 -Onsite

This will be a two-day class.


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Reiki & Chakra Attunement Sessions:

We provide Reiki to patients, visitors, and the general public in a full treatment session of Reiki therapy. This energy flow or link strengthens the body's capacity for self-healing.
How does Reiki healing work?

Japanese energy healing called Reiki is a sort of complementary medicine. To promote emotional or energy healing, Reiki practitioners employ a technique called palm healing, also known as hands-on healing, in which a "universal energy" is supposed to be passed from the practitioner's palms to the patient.

“Reiki is love, and love is wholeness, wholeness is balanced, balance is wellbeing, wellbeing is freedom from disease.”

Reiki can best be understood by thinking of it as our "experienced sensation of being alive." The hands of the therapist or patient are placed on various parts of the patient's body during Reiki therapy to encourage relaxation and a sensation of serenity.

What is Chakra Attunement?

An essential energy system component may be opened, developed, and freed of blockages with chakra attunements. Energy centers and transformers, chakras are a linking and crucial component of our energy system. They distribute the energy across a bodily part to maintain its health and vitality after bringing it in at the proper vibration or frequency. The aura and the outside world are linked through the chakras.

4 sessions are available in our Reiki plan:

  • Reiki Remote-Quick
  • Reiki Remote-Full
  • Reiki Quick 
  • Reiki Service FULL

Reiki Remote-Quick 


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Reiki Remote-Full 


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Reiki Quick 


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Reiki Service FULL


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2 sessions are available in our Chakra Attunement plan:

  • Chakra Attunement Quick -Stand Up
  • Chakra Attunement

Chakra Attunement Quick -Stand Up 


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Chakra Attunement


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We will improve our team shortly. Many new things, benefits, and job possibilities will be available. Some of our forthcoming plans are shown below; Be a part of our team: We’ll add new members: By bringing on new team members, we'll grow our team.You are cordially invited to join the ZEN DEN Healing Center family if you are passionate about tarot reading, crystal reading, reiki treatments, and emotional healing. To join our team, fill out the form below. We’ll let you know after reviewing.

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