Pink -Rose Quartz
Pink -Rose Quartz
Pink -Rose Quartz
Pink -Rose Quartz
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Pink -Rose Quartz

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Engergy Infused Scented Candles

CRYSTAL ENERGY INFUSED - We place ‘full moon charged’ Crystals (cleansed with rainwater) into our melting pots, transferring Quartz energy to the wax, before hand-pouring these candles.

LUXURIOUS COCONUT WAX - Decadently smooth & creamy. There is no better, cleaner or safer wax available. Gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and soy free.

Choose your Fragrance

Fragrances & Scents

FRAGANCE is the most expensive ingredient in any Scented candle (which is why other companies include as little as possible). We use more than double the usual amount of high quality fragrance oil in every candle we make. Our candles will fill your space with fragrance, but are not over-powering.

100% VEGAN - Clean, Safe, Ethically Sourced and from Renewable Resources!

2 WICKS ARE BETTER THAN ONE - Double wicked candles may decrease overall burn times, but add so much to the experience, ambience and your overall enjoyment. Our 2 wick design provides a smooth, clean burn to efficiently release their scent.  

COLOR REVEALS WHILE BURNING - Each candle is topped off with a thin layer of neutral colored wax - so as the wax pool grows - the main wax color beneath is revealed.


    • DIMENSIONS : 3.5" x 3.5" x 2.25"
    • WEIGHT :  12 ounces
    • WICKS : 2 x 100% Pure Cotton
    • BURN TIME : 25 - 40 hours*
    • CONTAINER : choice of either Black or White 'crystal patterned' - reusable metal container ® (custom made 'seamless' tins)
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    • FRAGRANCES : please click 'Fragrances' tab (above